Madame Zucchini welcomes you!
For all your vegetable edu-tainment needs

Mme Z loves vegetables, and wants to share that joy with you.

Fun with fruit and vegetables for adults and children alike, adaptable to many settings: schools, festivals, community events, health events, cabaret, parties…Madame Zucchini’s entertainment can be tailored to your needs. Click here contacts to discuss your festival, community event, school healthy eating project, cabaret, or party.


  • Vegetable theatre shows starring Leek Skywalker, Darth Tater, Captain Jack Marrow, Peter Parsnip, Barry Butternut, Colin Cauliflower, and many more.
  • Walkabout at festivals and events in her courgette costume…and now the Sparkly Sprout!
  • Sessions making vegetable creatures: fun and therapeutic for children and adults.
  • Facilitating and compering…making your event go smoothly with a dash of fun.

She can keep you entertained and get you engaged and involved. Local, lowcarbon, do it yourself, 5 a day fun

See her video for a taster of what she does.

colin cauliflower on oranges Fennelina in the market darth_tater

“Just seen Mme Zucchini transform into a courgette! Vegetable theatre at it’s best”

“She is brilliant. Saw her at Bakewell Show last year. Enthralled the kids”.

“The world is a better place for your vegetable people”

See ‘About‘ for more of her story, and Gigs & Events for where she will be appearing next.


Quality fruit and veg entertainment…